25 March, 2010

The Mailam Murugan temple is located 15 km from Tindivanam and 45 km from puducherry,besides the NH-45(Chennai-Trichy) Road, on a small hill on the slopes of which are a number of houses and an institute dedicated to the development of Tamil language and literature.Lord Murugan is here in the form of a Bridegroom(Kalyana Kolam) along with his consorts Valli and Devasena.

The Legend of Mailam:

According to the name, bomma or bomme, derived from brahma. This was a village donated to Brahma, as is confirmed by the sthala purana in which Bomayapalaiyam is also named.
The legend of this mailam temple begins with the end of Surapadma's atrocious rule and his tearful appeal to Lord to accept him as his mount. According to sthalapurana, Surapadma, though fought against Muruga with all his might combining the tactile of asuramayopaya, was routed in the end. When he was about be slain, he appealed to the Lord to accept him as his vechicle, and he would serve him with fidelity. Moved by the tearful appeals, the Lord ordered him to do meditation with great steadfastness taking the shape of peacock on the bank of Varaha near Mailamalai. Nodding, he continued his appeal to the Lord to dwell for ever on the same hill. It was granted. Thus came into existence this Mailamalai and the place called Mailam, for short.

There is another long legend associated with the life Sankhakannar, one of the Sivaganas of Kailas. Due to incurring displeasure to Lord Siva, he was cursed to be born as man in Bhuloka and get emancipation after due penance.
According to legend, it was here that Murugan rid a celestial being of a long-standing curse he `earned' from Shiva for dereliction of duty. Once cleansed of the curse, the being requested Murugan to grace this place with his presence. Murugan acceded. And so he has resided in Mailam (which derives its name from Murugan's vehicle, the Mayil or peacock) assuming his bridegroom form (Kalyana Kolam), along with Valli and Devasena.

The main deity or Vigragam of Lord Muruga set up at the sanctum sanctorum or Moolasthanam, is made up of Granite statue rather black in colour.,

The temple at top the hill was built by Pommayapuram, Mathadhipathi on a scale grand and maintenance commendable and managed by a trustee known as ‘Mailam Sivagnana Balaya Swamigal’ whose house is situated just nearby the temple on the hill.The Mutt established at the foot of the hill is attending to the temple administration in an exemplary manner providing conveniences to the visiting public, The temple is old and the Gopura Vasal has been built in the style of Pandya architecture,The mandapam is linked with a granite staircase that climbs down at some twenty feet away,

On reaching the temple road or pathway that leads you towards the temple of Lord Muruga on the hill, you have to walk through the pathway in an upward slope laid with granite stones. Before proceeding to the temple, you have an interesting place, the temple tank situated nearby the temple of Lord Ganesa

Before reaching the tank to wash your hands and legs, you should not forget to purchase some salt pocket mixed with pepper and jaggery pieces and also a pocketful ‘Rice popcorn’(PORI in tamil language) .You may be wondering why should you have them to have your hands and feet washed before proceeding to the temple,Nearby the tank, a separate place has been Earmarked for the devotees for undergoing Tonsure for the children or the elders.

Karthigai days coming in the Tamil months of Adi, Karthikai, Thai and Panguni are considered more auspicious and on these days more devotees converge at the Mailam temple. This Temple is crowded normally during the auspicious days like ‘Karthikai’, and Uththiram etc particularly in the Tamil month of Panguni, This is year festival is already started and now is going on,Here I include wedding invitation of mailam murugan,This is The Lord Murugan's wedding invitation for this year(march-2010) in panguni uthiram 8th day Thirukalyana urchavam(festival) at mailam conducting by Se.Kothamangalam, M.P.Samikannu Gounder and their Generations ,Thalamurai thalamuraiyaga They are conducting this festival in mailam with permission of ‘Mailam Sivagnana Balaya Swamigal’ ,These opportunity was given by LORD MURUGAN long long ago to that Se.Kothamangalam Gounder generation,

The car festival is held on coming 28th march-2010 in mailam.


come and get the god's grace in mailam,